Mindful moments for little minds

The GoNoodle x tonies® Mindfulness Tonie features a mindfulness and meditation experience designed for little listeners – brought to life by the Toniebox.

Created by child development experts, GoNoodle engages and inspires millions of kids to channel their energy and practice mindfulness in a healthy way through dynamic content, while bringing good energy to the adults who love them. The GoNoodle x tonies® Mindfulness Tonie utilizes the magic of the Toniebox to create a mindfulness experience even the littlest of listeners will enjoy and benefit from.

What is a purple person?

Great question. I mean, really great! Purple people always ask really great questions. They bring their family, friends, and communities together, and they speak up for what’s right. A purple person is an everyday superhero!

You can be purple, too!

Good vibes. Great times.

The GoNoodle x tonies® Mindfulness Tonie features 35-minutes of GoNoodle's signature mindfulness and movement songs, including Rainbow Breath, Melting, and a brand new Squatchy Nap Time Story.

Mindfulness matters.

Practicing mindfulness throughout childhood has been linked to loads of positive benefits, including:

  • Lower levels of anxiety and stress
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved social skills and communication

Mindfulness at home:

  • Engages and inspires kids to channel their boundless energy in a positive way
  • Supports healthier sleep by integrating mindfulness into your child’s bedtime routine

Mindfulness in the Classroom:

  • Boosts student confidence and provides opportunities for peer-to-peer connections
  • Promotes academic success and fuels learning by helping kids get focused and ready 
  • Encourages movement and teaches mindfulness skills for managing behavior and emotions

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