Common questions and issues:

The one-time set up of your Toniebox is the first step towards many, many hours of fun! There are two ways to set up your Toniebox, using the mytonies app or To complete set up, you will need a 2.4GHz WiFi connection, your Toniebox, and the Toniebox Charging Station. See full support article here.

The Hedgehog code word indicates a connection issue between the Toniebox and the Wi-Fi network / router it is trying to connect to. To resolve this issue, a mobile hotspot can be used to get connected. Learn more here.

Whoa, a turtle! You might think the Toniebox has hidden in a little shell and doesn’t want to come out, but the code word ‘Turtle’ actually indicates that the Toniebox cannot find your known Wi-Fi network. Learn more here.

Oh no! On rare occasions, you may run into an issue where you no longer hear any sound coming from the Toniebox speaker. Let's go through the possible reasons why this might have happened and what we can do to fix it. Read more here.

You want to set up your Toniebox, but get a message saying your Toniebox is already in another Household? Read our full support article here.

Have you just set up your Toniebox and now it is turning off immediately when removed from the charging station? Not to worry, in this case, it may just be that the Toniebox has not had enough time to sufficiently charge its battery. Occasionally, with the very first charge, the Toniebox may need to remain on the charger for the full recharge time (~3 hours) before it is ready to go. Read more here.

Are you having trouble skipping between chapters? It's important to note that the Tonie's content must be fully downloaded before you can skip forward and back. If you are still running into some trouble, follow our full support article here.

Please view our full Return Policy here.

We are currently not accepting incoming calls. Our team of Customer Happiness Specialists are always working diligently to respond to all messages, and we can call out to you! Just send us a message. We look forward to getting back to you as quickly as we can. Please note that we answer messages in the order which they are received.

Visit our full support center here.

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