Meet the

Your lovable little storytime friend

Meet the

Your lovable little
storytime friend.

Storytime launching
Fall 2020!

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The biggest adventures to ever come in a little box.

Made just for kids, the Toniebox is an imagination-building, screen-free digital listening experience full of stories, songs and more. Designed to foster imagination and active play, it's everything a young explorer's growing mind needs!

Tiny friends with
tall tales.

The Toniebox comes to life when paired with our whimsical collection of Tonies: hand-painted characters with hours of stories to tell, worlds to explore, and songs to sing.

Listen, Play
& Collect!

With Tonies your little one can effortlessly bring many of their favorite characters to life. And with Creative-Tonies you can explore your own creativity and stay close to loved ones with up to 90 minutes of your own customized content.

Thoughtfully designed for small hands & active play.

It's what's inside that counts.

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How it works.

The adventures begin automatically when you place a Tonie on top of the Toniebox.

It magically (and magnetically) attaches to your Toniebox, allowing you to listen to something different every time.


One-time, quick setup.


Place your Tonie on the box


Enjoy your storytime


Take your Tonie off to stop


Add a new one to start a different story!

Our Story

Made by parents for parents.

We created tonies with one thing in mind: our kids. Childhood should be a magical time full of big adventures and loveable memories. We wanted to create a way for kids to experience storytelling in a digital age, that stimulates their imagination in ways that a screen can’t. We made the Toniebox for kids (and parents) who want to feel good about their entertainment at home and to bring back imagination in its purest form.

We built tonies to be an immersive, wondrous experience you can feel good about, but more importantly a community you can be part of now and for many years to come.

Our Awards

A few things that make us proud

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